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Mpango Primary School

  • Education for children and teenagers in Malawi
  • Serious, efficient and transparent work.
  • Construction of a Teacher Training College in Mzambazi (Theodora van Rossum TTC)
  • Construction and support of more than 40 schools, training for nearly 200 fully qualified teachers, and a school meals program for several thousand children!

Chancen durch Bildung e.V. („Opportunities through Education“) is a German NGO based in Munich. Founded in 1988, we have built or assisted in building more than 40 schools, supported dozens of students with scholarships, and the training of assistant teachers, besides other projects. The english page can only provide a first impression of the projects. For details please have a look at the german pages, or get in touch with us.
Besides classical aid projects, in future we want to focus on the reduction of the CO2-footprint of our buildings by using local construction techniques combined with findings of scientific approaches – concrete from plant ashes, rammed earth, e.g.. In addition, urban planning aspects should be taken into account, the construction of marketplaces, commercial or industrial yards be considered, together with approaches that allow and support the expected rapid growth of cities in Malawi.


  • CDB ’s new Teacher Training Center in Mzambazi, Mzimba District, Northern Malawi celebrates first group of students finishing exams in September – thus having directly supported more than 320 teachers since 2017! From October onwards about 400 more undergoing the training, of which about 2/3 are self financed.
  • New Secondary School in Ekwendeni region to open in October.
  • CdB Food Program in Mzimba (and Nkhata Bay) District with currently 50 Schools, further expansion planned.
  • New Salima Secondary School Scholarships.

In December 2019 we received the financial approval of our to date biggest project, a new Teacher Training Center in Mzambazi, Northern Malawi. Based on some existing buildings close to the Mzambazi Health Center, we have constructed a new central building and two hostels, as well as supporting facilities, which have allowed us the first intake of 140 students in March, and already the second of other 120 in October 2021. This was a quite ambitious goal, but we never lost our optimism.

Our first group of CdB Scholarship beneficiaries, in front of the new central building of the Theodora van Rossum Teacher Training College!

Up to 42 students will have the opportunity to have a 2/3 scholarship, aiming at students from families from the countryside – poor families without other professional income. These scholarships should improve income stratification, strengthen the ties between teacher and their original school, and lead to a higher resilience of families and communities against bad harvests due to climate change.

Scholarship Programs
CdB operates three kinds of Scholarship programs, one for professional training at Universities or Colleges, the Teacher Training program, and a program for Secondary Schools in the Salima region. As it is relatively new, we herewith introduce the Salima project.

Salima Secondary School Project
Access to secondary and especially tertiary education is still not easy in Malawi. After completing elementary school, this path remains closed for many young people due to a lack of financial resources.
Two former volunteers became aware of this during their learning service at a rural elementary school in Salima (central region), and in 2018 they developed the Salima School Sponsoring Project together with a Malawian primary school teacher.

The Salima School Sponsoring Project aims to enable the continuation of schooling and vocational training after the completion of elementary school. Participants in the project are motivated young Malawian people from the Salima region who have performed very well in elementary school, but whose families are unable to finance further education from their own resources. Currently, 4 girls and 2 boys are attending a secondary school in the Salima area and one student is attending the Salima Technical College. With the project joining the association “Chancen durch Bildung eV.” in 2022, the three women hope to be able to accept more scholarship holders soon.
The funding includes school fees, rent for accommodation near the schools, as well as covering the cost of school materials and uniforms.

In Malawi, primary school teacher Patricia Tembo is responsible for the project and is the contact person for the students. In Germany, students Henrike Schröder and Elena Ziegler Ruiz are responsible for donations and for the organization of the scholarships.

If you are interested in helping this project to grow, you are welcome to donate to Chancen durch Bildung e.V.! The cost for one year of secondary school at the moment (August 2022) is 101 €. Donations of any amount, however, are greatly appreciated!

New Secondary School near Ekwendeni and School Meals Program
Most of our projects contain a School Meals component. In the area of the central project measure, we ask the communities to provide 3-6 acres to allow a self sustained school meal service at a later time. Together with our Partners from Tiyeni some parents of each school are trained in sustainable farming, providing higher yields in the long run, and reduce costs for fertilizers. Of course the relevant changes do not happen overnight, this is why these projects are designed to last 2-3 years, and we intend to keep in touch with all communities after that period, to be able to assist in case issues arise.
In October 2022 we intend to open the a new Secondary School northwest of Ekwendeni, in the community of Malokotera. Together with this, we will start the School Meals at about 18 more schools in our overall project region. Last not least it is planned to run a two weeks training for about 100 volunteer teachers, to prepare them for a post-Covid afternoon training, to compensate some of the negative effects linked to the long school closures of 2020 and 2021, due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Construction Projects
Aside of the projects mentioned above, we currently prepare several new construction projects, of which of course not all will really substantiate:
– a new multifunctional building at our TTC in Mzambazi, with a Lab, a Library, an Office for the new ODL track, and a staff room should help to operate the TTC smoothly.
– Some new School Blocks, Teachers Houses and Kitchen Storage facilities, of which one will be a Rammed Earth prototype.

Jour Fixe and Annual Meeting
Our Jour Fixe is held at the second Tuesday of the month, mostly in the „Weltwirtschaft“, Eine Welt-Haus, Schwanthaler Str. 80, close to the Underground stop „Theresienwiese“. Start time is 19:30. Due to Covid-19 we have switched to Online meetings for the time being.

To continue our construction works and Food Programs at the mentioned schools and others, your donation and support would help us a lot – to give children in Malawi a solid school education and a better future!

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For each donation CHANCEN DURCH BILDUNG e.V. declares the obligation, to use it effectively and responsibly in our projects.

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